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 The 10 Most Entertaining Celebrity Golfers – Fall, 2013

The major calendar of celebrity golf tournaments for the year is essentially expired, with just a couple more smaller events set to take place throughout the fall before we call it quits for the year. Of course, there’s always actual professional golf to keep us occupied, and specifically the BMW Championship in Illinois is approaching this coming weekend.

The most entertaining celebrity golfers

Judging by recent tournaments, the BMW Championship should offer some great entertainment, and if you look at the Betfair sports exchange you’ll see a number of familiar names at the top of the favorites list. At this site, Tiger Woods is listed as the favorite with the best odds by a mile, but the likes of Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson and good old Phil will likely be in the mix as well. It should be a great weekend of golf.

If, however, you find yourself missing your celebrity golf fix in the meantime, we’re giving you something to think about and debate in the meantime – here are our picks for the top-10 celebrity golfers of all time (with a blend of success and entertainment value used as loose criteria).

10. Charles Barkley
If you haven’t ever seen Barkley take a golf swing, check it out on YouTube. It’s truly remarkable. Sir Charles may be awkward on the course, but the entertainment value is undeniable.

9. Mario Batali
This rather large and un-athletic Iron Chef enjoys the game, and tries to play golf whenever he’s on the road.

8. Dennis Quaid
According to Bleacher Report, Dennis Quaid was named top Hollywood golfer by Golf Digest in 2005. Quaid enjoys working on his game, and wants to star in a film about the sport.

7. Kenny G
Apparently boasting a + handicap, Kenny G may be nearly as good at golf as he is at saxophone. Okay, not quite, but he’s one of the best celebrity golfers we know of.

6. Justin Timberlake
JT reportedly has a 6 handicap, and once aspired to be a pro golfer.

5. Mark Wahlberg
Famous for a golfing hobby in “Entourage,” Wahlberg is a real-life celebrity golfer as well.

4. Vince Gill
Gill – an established and beloved country musicians – is a gifted golfer who can usually manage par on a tricky course.

3. John Smoltz
The famous Braves pitcher has always exuded confidence, which is a big help out on the golf course. He’s a common sight at celebrity events.

2. Bill Murray
Nobody is more fun on the golf course, and Murray happens to be able to play quite well.

1. Michael Jordan
Known as an avid golfer, MJ is undeniably the biggest celebrity to ever publicize interest in golf. He’s also a gifted and practiced player, and could seemingly have had a pro career had he not been busy becoming the greatest basketball player of all time.